commercial photographer  

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Over the 12 years of operating Tim Salix has photographed numerous and varied assignments for business, corporate and industrial customers. He has the experience and necessary equipment to ensure every photographic commission 
achieves the client’s brief no matter what the subject matter, lighting situations or locational difficulties. All photos are supplied as jpegs for use on social media and websites. If the images are also required to be printed, 300dpi high-resolution tiff files will be provided.

interiors and 
architectural photography

Buildings and room interiors require a creative eye and knowledge of composition to photograph. Tim uses specialist architectural tilt/shift lenses to capture natural perspective rather than using a distorting ultra-wide angle lens.

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industrial photography

Tim has the equipment to photograph industrial operations that have poor lighting, dusty or wet conditionsHe is able to advise on the legal use of drones for any given location.

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portrait photography

Head-shots or full-length studio portraiture shoot, all with pure white backgrounds. Tim uses battery powered studio lights for outdoor locations and has specialised portrait prime lenses.

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food photography

Photos from a smartphone are okay for frequent social media updates. However, with promotional material persuading potential customers to dine or purchase off a website it is essential to engage the services of a professional food photographer.

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