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Tim Salix is a well-known photographer with diverse business, corporate and industrial client portfolios. He has helped Auckland companies create competitive advantage by building up unique collections of images tailored specifically to their operation. 


Experience is what separates a below-par photographer from that of a seasoned professional. Tim is tertiary qualified in photography and now in his 12th year of operating, has photographed an enormous number of different assignments for many businesses. This has lead to the adoption of photographic and retouching techniques that would not be possible without accumulating a memory bank of knowledge. Just as important is his ability to handle any photography commission having the capital investment in pro-cameras, specialist prime lenses, software, lighting equipment and a studio. 


Tim is passionate about what he does and is a perfectionist about creating high-quality images. He has a thorough briefing process to understand what requirements clients have, what they want the photos to deliver and he is able to adapt his style to suit. For these reasons, he has a repeat and loyal customer base.


First impressions do matter. Prospective and existing customers do notice the quality of photography from promotional material, social media platforms and website pages. Engaging the professional services of Tim Salix will ensure eye-catching imagery. His work speaks for itself.


digital producer

In a fragmented market, brands need to interact with customers on multiple channels – such as numerous social media platforms, digital signage and various websites. Videos are an effective tool to achieve this. Unfortunately, there can be a disconnect between what is engaging for customers to watch (let alone share on social media) and the delivery of content by many video production companies. The root of the problem lies in the selling of formulated packages that have minimal planning considerations and standardised processes around creating and editing content.  


In essence, if existing and potential clients are not watching videos in their entirety a firm’s message is not getting through and the endeavour becomes an inefficient utilisation of marketing resources. In addition, there is potential to cause detriment to the brand.

The difference Tim Salix makes is to consult with a business as to 
the channels that need to be targeted, what content will be required and what type of content will be achieved for a given budget. Utilising freelance contacts to find the best fit, he then manages the process of planning, production and implementation. Showreels are available on request.

Tim Salix 

BCom. PGDip Marketing. Dip Photographic Imaging.


Auckland, New Zealand 


all photos © Tim Salix